Pay Attention To Your Blind Spot

It's a common occurrence for people to completely forget about their blind spot. Not only can doing this end up causing an accident, but if it's a close call, you could even get pulled over by the police. Ford now has new technology that can help you remember!

This technology is called the Blind Spot Information System or BLIS. The way it works is by detecting vehicles that get are coming up beside you. It works for cars that are 45 feet or closer to your bumper. Once another car is detected, warning lights will light up on your mirrors. An awesome part of the BLIS is something called Cross Traffic Alert. This is there to keep you even safer because it works the same way as BLIS except for backing up. The warning light goes off when a vehicle is 10 feet or closer to your bumper.

This shouldn't be used instead of actually looking in your mirrors but contact Dewey Ford in Ankeny today for more information on this awesome technology.
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