A few minutes of preparedness can save you hours of headaches

Residents of Ankeny are buckling down for the impending winter blast that is coming. We here at Dewey Ford would like to offer a helpful piece of advice when putting together a kit for your car this winter to help you if you get stuck in the snow. Not only do you need the usual items such as a shovel, blanket, food, water, radio, and flashlight but you should also carry something that will help to create traction if you get stuck in the snow such as salt, kitty litter or sand.

?These substances can really help you out. Salt has been used for years to melt ice and snow so there is no reason why you couldn't use it to help you to melt the ice or snow that you are stuck on. Sand has also been used for years to help drivers by making the area under their tires rough so the tires can stop spinning. In recent years, kitty litter has been used to soak up moisture which can be used by itself or in conjunction with sand to break you free.
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