AWD or 4WD, what is it and, should I consider it?

If you've noticed that there seems to be a lot more all and four-wheel drive vehicles on the road, you may be wondering why. Dewey Ford in Ankeny would be happy to explain the benefits of these drivetrains and the differences between them. Manufacturers are making this an option on many more cars these days. Some even include it as a standard feature.

The benefit to having this feature is that it will get you to your destination safely, even in the worst driving conditions. It's a must-have for some folks who live in areas where driving can be not only a chore but, risky as well.

All-wheel drive's advantage is that it only supplies extra power to the wheels when they need it. Four-wheel drive vehicles always utilize extra power to each wheel constantly. There is a feature to turn this off in many vehicles. For more consistent tough conditions four-wheel drive might be the way to go. For occasional use, an all-wheel drive would suffice. See for yourself by taking a test drive at Dewey Ford today!


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