Focus Electric: Transport of the Future in a Familiar Package

The Ford Focus platform is adored around the world for both its sporting nature and its industry leading economy, safety, and versatility. It was a natural choice for adaptation to an EV and has been a top selling EV since its introduction in 2011.

The Focus Electric utilizes the same body and much of the interior as it's iconic gasoline powered brother, which gives the Focus Electric a familiar feel and control layout that most drivers used to traditional cars will find welcoming. The SmartGuage instrument cluster incorporates EcoGuide, which provides clear and instantaneous feedback to help drivers manage their economy. The SmartGauge also includes two 4.2" screens that put other vehicle info front and center so drivers can focus on the road.

The Focus Electric also features a 1-Speed transmission with torque vectoring control for a natural drive feel and better control. The single speed transmission allows for power on demand from stopped position, but smooth power delivery at speed. To learn more about these and the other amazing features of the Focus Electric, come see us at Dewey Ford.




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