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History of the Tire


Today let's talk about the Celts, two Scots, and a stove-related accident.

You're probably thinking, "What do these things have to do with tires?"

The truth is, these three things were vital to the development of the modern tire. Without them, we might all still be riding horses today.

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End the Tire Abuse


Tire abuse is everywhere. You can find it on the highways when drivers recklessly run over debris. You can find it at the supermarket when someone angrily kicks their tire because they locked their keys in their car. Unfortunately, sometimes you can even find it in your very own garage.

Before you start shaking your head in denial, take a deep breath and honestly reflect on how you treat your own tires.

The truth is simple: we don't fully appreciate our tires. When was the last time you got out of your car, popped out a cold one, and…

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A Tribute to Tires: Dewey Tire Month


When was the last time you thanked your tires? We're not talking about the half-hearted "Thank you" that reeks of insincerity. We're talking about the "Thanks for taking me to work today even though I hit that pothole" and the "I appreciate you so much I'm going to patch that leak" type of thank you. We'd guess it's been far too long.

Tragically, we live in a day when tires…
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Ford Fiesta - What You Don't Know Will Thrill You

Agility? Check. Speed? Check. Power? Check. No wonder the excitement over the Ford Fiesta continues to grow ever since it hit the rally racing tracks in Europe. Who wouldn't want a hot little car with racing potential and an affinity for the snow? 

From rallying at the X-Games to impressive traction controls for winter's icy roads, the Ford Fiesta is one of the most diverse vehicles on the road (and race track) today.
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